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The fashion industry is at the forefront of digital commerce with more and more brands expanding their online businesses. OrbitLift has over ten years of experience in dealing with complex digital sales solutions for mono- and multi-brands both with e-commerce and multichannel businesses. We employ data and business analysis skills to help fashion businesses get their fair share of online sales. We develop and manage online stores and the multichannel strategy for apparel and fashion brands, creating made-to-measure solutions for each client.

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Online marketplaces are trending and attracting more and more buyers & sellers. Take a closer look at platforms like Airbnb & Etsy. They are proof that marketplace models are very scalable, and diversification into any area of business is attainable.

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We help digital commerce business achieve a higher level of excellence by embracing data-driven decisions.

Online Grocery

Digital sales for companies in the food and drinks sector remain quite a struggle. Businesses are faced with a variety of challenges to meet the ever-changing consumer demands and to set-up proper solutions to cater through high and lows. There is a strong need to manage supply chains in an effective way to stay on top of the game in a highly unpredictable environment.

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Online success of your automotive parts identification scheme as a digital platform provider demands a sophisticated website design coupled with complex product merchandising, proper positioning and search options of your suppliers’ network. The stock list of large online platforms in the automotive industry can exceed millions of units and no frills navigation is a must.

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Today’s businesses face perplexing challenges to differentiate, adapt and meet ever changing customer behavior. These customers are more empowered than ever before. They are mobile, socially connected and well-informed. And they expect nothing less than perfect experience.

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