Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Follow this roadmap to create a solid marketing plan for your new online business.
Marketing Strategy

Starting a company primarily as an online eCommerce player requires leading-edge external and internal analysis. It can be done by a team of professionals who would gather the info, data and answer the fundamental questions about the audience you target, market approach, as well slice and dice the key metrics you need to check regularly.

Even before you start, you’ll definitely need to prepare yourself to be able to setup analytics and track key valuable marketing metrics. Metrics like Cost of Customer Acquisition (CAC), Customer Lifetime Value (LTV), Retention Rates, a share of repeat customers, and other financial metrics are essential.

Like no other we understand that standing still marketing-wise can cost people their jobs, so we perform our tasks systematically according to the strategy we developed early on. Having a strategy is great, but consistently acting on it is the issue many digital marketing firms fail to do. We offer comprehensive solutions both online and offline.

No doubts, each business should have its own strategy based on its target market, audience, features and product values. Nevertheless, below you can find a general outline you can follow to structure your preparation, develop and go-to-market stages.

Draw a roadmap and follow it step by step
Viable Product
Market fit
Performing channels
Develop your brand
Turn shoppers
Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
Build Minimum Viable Product

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a product that has core features for early adopters and the limited group of initial users of a product. The use of MVPs would help validate the existence of demand for a product, or in certain cases, the product itself. It helps create interest for a particular product even before the full version of that product is ready for publishing.

Ensure product
Ensure Product/ market fit

You need to find a proper market niche where your product or service satisfies the needs of consumers. It may not always be clear when and where your product is requested more. OrbitLift’s goal is to create conditions where customers are purchasing the product you create as fast as you make it. The same goes for services - usage must grow to stay in check and grow according to your capacity to add servers and hire servicing personnel.

Acquire Customers
Get Customers! (measure and identify the most valuable ones)

There are some customer acquisition tactics for e-commerce business you might consider. Selecting channels generate that drive traffic and conversions for your particular product or service are no easy task. The key to success is creating a solid strategy, measure, analyze and test at each stage and compare the actual data with planned KPI’s. Basically, you can think of focusing on these tactics:

Advanced search engine optimization

Advanced search engine optimization (SEO)

Proper SEO set-up significantly impacts your ecommerce marketing strategy. Developing and managing your own back-end as well as alternate sources is a must. By creating a website for your services you help people to become aware of your business. With SEO you can achieve top Google rankings with a correct setup of keywords, inclusion of titles and meta-descriptions. Creating online presence outside your website is also key to succeeding, because by having on- and off-page optimization allows you to draw in more customers to make your ecommerce site profitable. This approach does wonders for your digital marketing strategy.

Paid advertising

Paid advertising

“Paying off” Google is still a reasonable approach in particular advertizing areas. It allows you to bring in targeted traffic and not only rely on organic search. Whether you sell a niche product or service to a small community, utilizing pay per click is relatively cheap compared to markets with an extensive competition.


Automated messaging and email marketing

By creating a website you make the first step in the direction of high-quality ecommerce. People need to be reached out to beyond the webpage to make your product more personal. Automated email messaging allows your marketing team to direct an efficient and personalized message to remain in close contact. This allows you to update your customers and even send cute tidbits on the topic to make them smile.

personalized customer service

Build lasting relationship and turn shoppers into loyal customers

Getting customers is one challenge, but keeping them coming back is a whole other story. With fierce competition to be the best company, product or service, it is crucial that you keep your customers happy, so they do not leave to go elsewhere. In order to get your customer engaged, you need to dedicate a lot of attention to communication with them offering dedicated and ideally personalized customer service and ensure customer care is at the core of your development strategy.

To Bottom
Content marketing

Content marketing

Having a team responsible for copywriting and creation of marketing content is required to improve organic traffic flow. It shows your company’s personality and allows you to interact on-site with your potential customer in the comment and review section. When you produce fresh content, it can be used not only in blog posts but more importantly in describing your products/services. Creating unique and appealing marketing message makes it easier to manage all of the products as they are not selling the same way.

Set-up of affiliate marketing scheme

Affiliate marketing has been online for quite some time and is still employed by many companies as an additional source of traffic. With your core audience’s support, your ecommerce site can expand into something bigger. Having loyal fans of your product/service allows you to provide them with a little incentive to get more coverage, especially on social media platforms. As you already sell your products, and the vital processes are in place, affiliate marketing provides an extra push to share the values you possess.

Design layouts

Develop brand identity and keep brand image consistent across all channels

Creating your brand identity involves the naming, designing, and building other features to make your services or goods distinct from others on the market. Our team can build your brand identity from the ground up or modify it to represent your company's reputation. It includes your values, strengths, and passions that should be shared with your customers. The ways you communicate your product values with the help of our strategy consultants involves the creation of strong emotional bond with the product you offer to your customers.

Creating and refining the corporate identity of your business is a process aimed at defining what your company and brand stand for. You want people to feel connected to your goals and emotions when they search for the services they need and come into contact with your brand. Such clear communication of identity through a positive statement can bring in long-standing benefits.

keep brand image consistent
Develop brand identity and keep brand image consistent across all channels

We offer the mentioned strategic steps and tactics in a bundle and allow efficient management so that you can concentrate on marketing and business development rather than worry about backend software.

Loyal Customers
Build lasting relationship and turn shoppers into loyal customers

While choosing a solution suitable for your needs, it is important first to develop a list of requirements and features you’ll need in order to run your business. OrbitLift is encompassing them all to offer you the best digital marketing strategy that will be successful for your online and offline business ventures.

Get ready to achieve a higher level of excellence